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Safety marking (lining)

We are number one in the Czech Republic in the field of safety and traffic signs for industrial operations

All manufacturing and logistics companies must meet the requirements for safety marking of floors, ramps, columns, dangerous places and other measures according to the applicable legislation. The company J.A.CLEAN spol. s.r.o. will take care of all the marking of your operations for you. Of course, including outdoor traffic signs.

To date, we have implemented more than 17,000 orders in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany or Austria.

Our important customers include, for example, ŠKODA AUTO, VOLKSWAGEN SLOVAKIA, MUBEA, DHL Supply Chain, Continental Automotive, IDEAL Automotive, AISIN Europe Manufacturing Czech, CTP INVEST, Dachser and many others.

We are changing the established rules in marking floors!

We have developed a unique material and technology that offers everything that logistics requires.
We are convinced that you might be interested!

Excellent price

from CZK 23 / 1 running meter of line

Load after only 3 hours

we will not limit your traffic

Maximum execution speed

1,500 - 3,000 meters per day

Reasons to cooperate with J.A. Clean

1st reason

We use the most modern materials
and machinery

2nd reason

We operate throughout the Czech Republic
and also in Slovakia

3rd reason

We have long-term cooperation with more than 50
automotive manufacturers operating in the Czech Republic

4th reason

We are able to carry out 5 to 6 realizations per day,
we carry out orders even on weekends

5th reason

We are insured for any damage caused
activities of our employees

6th reason

Our team of employees represents the company in
uniform corporate attire. At the same time, it is regular
trained in health and safety.

1 753
17 650

J.A.CLEAN spol. s r. o. is the leader on the Czech market
in the provision of security marking services.

We operate in the field of complex safety markings,
reconstruction of industrial floors, deep cleaning
industrial floors and road markings.

J. A. CLEAN spol. s r.o.

Pavlovice 88, Czech Republic
+420 725 446 692
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