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Description of implementation

  • Target:

    Increasing the safety of loading processes

  • Operation:

    Food industry

  • Load:

    10 tons

  • Floor:

    Asphalt surface

  • Realization:

    May 2022


Good day, Mr. Janous,

implementation in a fast and pre-agreed period. The professional approach of your workers on site - arrival at the specified time, upon arrival they immediately put on a reflective vest (in our company this is a standard and for many external companies it is difficult to cope with this standard), work is carried out according to the customer's instructions and needs.

The loading zones, which were implemented here, are intended to help improve and, above all, increase the safety of loading processes. These zones are common among our foreign colleagues. At the same time, there was also a better orientation of the drivers themselves (including foreign ones), who automatically position themselves in these zones after arriving at the warehouse (previously, our VZV drivers had to coordinate their positions themselves - sometimes quite complicated).

We plan to finish painting the other loading zones as part of the 2nd stage and we will definitely be interested in working with you on this (I believe this year).

Best regards

Ing. Pavel Uhlík

Pivovar Samson s.r.o.

J. A. CLEAN spol. s r.o.

Pavlovice 88 (u Vlašimi)
+420 725 446 692
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