Sodovkárna Kolín

Description of implementation

  • Target:

    Comprehensive marking of new warehouse operations

  • Range:

    Marking of more than 4,000 meters of lines and others

  • Operation:

    Storage hall

  • Load:

    VZV 5 tons

  • Floor:

    Reinforced concrete

  • Realization:

    June 2022


I would like to once again thank the J.A.CLEAN fighters for a job perfectly done. I myself did not believe that someone would measure the entire hall to the centimeter exactly according to the drawing, cleanly line up almost 4 km of markings, clean up after themselves, laugh the whole time and still find it normal 😊 In the next stages of the construction of the Sodovkárna Kolín area in the Ovčary Industrial Zone we will be with J.A. CLEAN are very happy to cooperate again.

Ing. Pavel Vavruška


Sodovkárna Kolín s.r.o.

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